Quickstep Dance Lessons In Montclair, Nj

What Is the Quickstep?

Even though the quickstep first became popular back in the early 1900s, it still remains a favorite among dancers worldwide. While the exact origins of the dance are unclear, most people believe it started as a way to celebrate important people and events and was heavily influenced by the Charleston. Between the light footwork and upbeat melodies, the quickstep is the perfect way to express joyful feelings.

Now considered one of the main styles of ballroom dance, the quickstep is both elegant and powerful. Partners remain in hold for most of the dance as they move lithely across the floor without breaking body contact. Because the footwork is so fast, it often seems like their feet barely touch the ground.

To dance the quickstep, the steps are arranged in a slow-quick-quick pattern, creating a rise-and-fall motion at a fast pace. While learning, you’ll start with the basics of dance and gradually get introduced to some of the most popular quickstep moves, including the progressive chasse, the natural turn, the running finish and more.

Why Dance the Quickstep?

It’s always exciting to immerse yourself in something new. While taking lessons at Arthur Murray Dance Studio, you’ll make new friends, feel more confident, have fun and get in a great workout. The Montclair studio has a relaxed atmosphere and professional instructors to help make every class enjoyable. And once you master the quickstep, you can move on to learning other styles, too, like the tango, foxtrot and waltz.

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